London Olympics and Barriers to Entry

Just came across this. If you want a really excellent example of Barriers to Entry to use in your essays this would be it. Very interesting.     Advertisements

Lesson Activity: ‘Your life with trade’

When getting my students to consider whether international trade is beneficial or not I always get them to think and write about what their life would be like with and without international trade. These are the basic instructions that I give them: “Start in the morning of a normal day and work through to bedtime. Brainstorm… Continue reading Lesson Activity: ‘Your life with trade’

Arguments for and against trade – PowerPoint

Below is a PowerPoint presentation I use with my students as a revision exercise for trade policy. Each slide contains a basic argument for or against trade. I suggest spending about 10-15 min considering each argument and thinking specifically about the weaknesses of each view. Trade Arguments Don’t forget to use real world examples to support… Continue reading Arguments for and against trade – PowerPoint