Key Words in Economics

It is vital to know the key words in economics whether you are learning A-level or IB. You can’t answer a question unless you know what the question is asking. Attahced are a series of Key Words that vital to know from the very start of either an A-level or IB course. Do make use… Continue reading Key Words in Economics

Lesson Activity: ‘Your life with trade’

When getting my students to consider whether international trade is beneficial or not I always get them to think and write about what their life would be like with and without international trade. These are the basic instructions that I give them: “Start in the morning of a normal day and work through to bedtime. Brainstorm… Continue reading Lesson Activity: ‘Your life with trade’

Arguments For and Against International Trade – PowerPoint

The following, I hope, links to a PowerPoint that I use with my classes to go through the core arguments for and against international trade. It tends to work quite well and may be a useful revision tool to get you thinking about international trade: Trade Arguments